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Noimia electronic hardware for you to explain the copper alloy

Copper alloy (alloy copper) YISHION copper as the matrix or several other elements of the alloy. Copper was purple, also known as copper. The copper density is 8.96, the melting point is 1083 DEG C, with excellent electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, ductility and corrosion resistance. Mainly used in the production of generators, buses, cables, switches, transformers and other electrical equipment and heat exchangers, pipelines, solar heating devices, such as flat collector heat conduction equipment. The copper alloy used for brass, bronze, copper 3 categories.Brass with zinc as the main element of the copper alloy, with beautiful yellow, collectively referred to brass. Copper zinc two alloy said ordinary brass or simple brass. Three yuan more than brass said special brass or brass. Zinc containing low in 36% of the brass alloy by solid solution composition, with excellent cold workability, such as those containing 30% zinc brass is often used for making shell, commonly known as the cartridge brass or brass. The brass alloy containing zinc content between 36 and 42% is composed of and solid solution, and the most commonly used is six four brass with zinc 40%. In order to improve the performance of ordinary brass, often add other elements, such as aluminum, nickel, manganese, tin, silicon, lead, etc.. Aluminum can improve the brass strength, hardness and corrosion resistance, but the ductility decreases, suitable for seagoing vessel condensing tube and other corrosion resistant parts. Tin can improve the brass strength and corrosion resistance of the sea, so that the Navy brass, thermal equipment and propeller for ship. Lead can improve the cutting performance of brass; this easy cutting brass is often used as clock parts.. Brass casting commonly used to produce valve and pipe fittings, etc.. Fire hydrant explosion-proof crescent wrench used ship, is cast with aluminum brass.