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What is the process of producing screws?

The screws produced by the Dongguan screw manufacturers use the physics and mathematics principles of the oblique rotation of the object and the friction force to gradually tighten the tools of the objects and parts. What is the process of the screws produced by the Dongguan screw manufacturers of?

1. In order to heat the wire to an appropriate temperature, keep it for a certain period of time, and then gradually cool it to adjust the crystal structure and reduce the hardness, Dongguan screw manufacturers improve the wire processing performance at room temperature;

2. In order to remove the oxide film on the wire surface, the Dongguan screw manufacturer will form a phosphate film on the metal surface to reduce the scratches on the mold during the wire drawing and cold forging or forming processes; < /p>

3. The wire is cast in cold room (or hot room) to achieve the shape and length (or thickness) of the semi-finished product, and the wire stuck in the shear mold is made into the shape of a screw;

The screws produced by Dongguan screw manufacturers are widely used in the automatic counting and packaging of screws in electrical, electrical, lighting and hardware building materials manufacturing industries.