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What is the importance of producing precision screws

After several years of development, domestic hardware companies have gradually realized the importance of products, and continue to focus their development on product research and development and brand expansion. The author said in an interview that in the future, Dongguan screw manufacturers will increase Efforts to make their own products, make their own brands, and change the traditional industrial structure of OEM production.

As a screw set with precision screws, customers have recognized that they are part of precision screw products. If customers have problems with screw breakage or sliding teeth during the installation process, the response is that the quality of precision screws is not good, and this brand is not easy to use. Directly affect brand effectiveness and market share.

Choosing precision screws and screws Choosing standardized and high-quality screws is conducive to achieving standard automated production, improving production efficiency, reducing waste rates, and saving labor costs.

The annual output of precision screws is amazing, and the production industry of precision screw related parts cannot be underestimated. They directly or indirectly drive employment and economic growth in various cities. In these industries, the production of precision screw adjustment screws is easy to be ignored. Precision screw manufacturers are developing on track, branding, capital and technology investment is in place, production management is standardized, and the requirements for precision screw parts are constantly increasing. The modern manufacturing industry is developing towards mechanization, high standards, and high efficiency. The cost and production efficiency of workers have always restricted the development of enterprises. Today, the state advocates industrial upgrading and transformation to improve production efficiency and competitiveness of enterprises. At this point, Dongguan screw manufacturers are urgently required to make new breakthroughs and produce higher standard products to meet new requirements. Therefore, although the trade friction against the products of my country's Dongguan screw manufacturers will not decrease in the future, the export of my country's Dongguan screw manufacturers will continue to develop within a period of time. Alternative source.

It can be seen that my country's becoming a major exporter of screw products is entirely the inevitable result of the world's industrial adjustment and division of labor under the background of global integration, and it is a long-term trend that is difficult to reverse.

Of course, in the past two years, there have also been some problems that cannot be ignored in the process of screw export. The main reason is that the export order is somewhat chaotic, which is manifested by the excessive growth of export volume, the excessive concentration of export time and exporting countries, low prices, low value-added output, etc., which have caused some unnecessary frictions and are not conducive to the export trade of Dongguan screw manufacturers. Sustainable and healthy development.