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To brief us on the types and uses of rivets

Commonly used with R type rivets, rivet fan, pumping core rivet (core rivet hammer), tree rivet, semi round, flat head, semi hollow rivets, solid rivets, Shen head rivet, blind rivets, hollow rivets. These are usually using their own deformation connection is riveting pieces. Generally less than 8 mm in size by more than the cold, hot riveting. But there are exceptions, such as some locks on the nameplate, is the use of the rivet and the lock hole interference riveting.R type plastic rivet also known as expansion rivet, from plastic sub pin and mother buckle two parts of the composition. The installation without using an installation tool, will install base placed in a hole of a smooth, and then press the head, special design of the foot force after the expansion of distraction, firmly locked on the mounting surface. It is commonly used in connecting plastic housing, light board, insulation material, electric circuit board, or any other light and light quality, light quality material, beautiful and practical, easy to use.Fan rivet special for manual installation design, through hole of the panel or the bottom frame through pull into the can, using the elastomer material with good toughness, even in the assembly interference can quickly install. Cleverly designed with elastic function with corresponding aperture into is not easy to slide out, fan rivet is mainly used in the electronic computer chassis fan, heat sink and chip between fixed, with anti vibration and noise reduction.

Rivet is very convenient riveting new riveting fasteners, in a relatively small space or no hitter or is cannot use the riveter environment impact rivet can show their own unique advantages. Use a hammer and other artifacts can be single tapping screw core two or several connected parts riveting success. Hammer core rivet on the cap brim shape can be divide into oval head hammer core rivet and countersunk head rivet hammer, according to different material combinations can divide for aluminum hit rivets, aluminum steel hammer rivets, stainless steel hammer core rivet, rivet steel hammer, aluminum stainless steel hammer core rivet, plastic hammer core rivet. Hammer core rivet don't like core pulling rivets must use manual riveter or gas pneumatic riveter to riveting, riveting has better synthetic and convenience, can be widely used in various is connected piece of riveting.Inverted tooth shaped plastic rivet plastic tree rivets, also known as also known as Christmas tree type plastic rivet, tooth type sheet good elasticity can over fit the hole installed directly press the manual, tooth sheet can according to the actual size of the thickness of the self adjustment can be fixed, the inverted tooth type design is the rivets installed firmly fixed on the mounting surface, is not easy to be pulled out, suitable for foam, wood, rubber, automobile interiors and other soft materials between is used for fixation. Plastic tree rivets have excellent insulation, fire performance, non magnetic, heat insulation, light, high temperature, high strength, corrosion resistance, widely used in various industrial fields.Rivet type can be divided into open type, closed type, double drum type, single drum type series, the following are simple instructions for each type.Countersunk rivet for riveting: after surface smooth riveting riveting.Double drum type pumping core rivet: riveting, rivet core of the rivet body end pull dual drum, the two rivet clamping structure, and can reduce the structure on the surface of the pressure. Uses: mainly used in various vehicles, ships, construction, machinery, electronics and other industries riveting a variety of thin structure parts.Big brim core pulling rivets: the rivet and common core pulling rivets in the aluminum cap diameter significantly increased, the rivet has a stronger support and riveted joints, with larger contact area and inThus, the torque intensity can be enhanced and the radial tension can be more high.. Applicable industries: suitable for fastening soft, brittle surface material and large hole, an increase of hat diameter for soft material with special protection applications.Closed type pumping core rivet, special riveting can wrap heart shaft and design and is applicable to water requirements of many applications. High shear