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Analysis of the situation of the bolt Market

Advanced bolt is a high-end machine manufacturing, its role can be called four two dial a thousand pounds ". The value of the bolts on the surface only accounts for a few percent of the machinery industry.. In essence, it gives the added value of key components and equipment much higher.Over the years, the Chinese bolt after continuous double-digit growth, in 2012 the bolt industry appeared negative growth, down 1.5%, the main reason is the lack of market demand, especially the bolt under international anti dumping, export sales showed a downward trend.Bolt to fierce competition in the market, to brand management in the past 10 years, China bolt has attracted the world's attention the development speed, so that developed countries feel surprised at the same time, but also allow them to find a new market, transnational corporations in single file into the room.When the bolt enterprises survive in the market suddenly feel so hard, strong competitors have blossom everywhere.Today's China bolt of the market, some small and medium enterprises bolts manufactured on a large scale standard, is not true for enterprise to bring the core competitiveness, but subject to changes in raw materials, labor costs and other conditions. From 4.8 to 6.8 magnitude of low intensity, or 8.8 to 12.9 grade high strength bolts, at present technical level of production of the bolt will be essential to the world advanced level, mainly for the general standard parts and low and medium grade special, special bolts, a large quantity of cheap.Summarized as low grade products flooding the dominant market, high-grade, high precision, high strength bolts are still a small part of the import, the ratio of product import unit price and the ratio of the export price is about 6 times higher.Visible, the bolt industry in China still for the development of the industry, "big but not strong", fat and not strong, and the gap between the United States, Japan, South Korea and China's Taiwan is larger, and the lack of from technical services to solve mechanical fastening solutions, products, design, manufacture and management of digital product and manufacturing process of the green.It is understood that the development of China bolt resources and the environment is growing, the important way to ease resource constraints is the development of green manufacturing.The development of bolts, the future period of time will continue to move forward in the direction of brand management, and promote the full range of bolts project development.

In products, high-end products will accelerate the localization of research and the development of quality, from the design, manufacturing, packaging, transportation, use to scrap the whole process, waste are considered at least, the emission is lowest, resource utilization rate is the highest and least environmental impact, thus making enterprise benefit and social benefit coordination optimization.In the circulation, explore the mode of various value added service, bring value and benefit to customers. From the provision of single set of bolts to provide mechanical fastening solutions, custom services, remote monitoring, etc., service in the bolts manufacturing enterprise sales revenue will gradually increase. Enterprise restructuring is the trend, the strategic alliance to develop the current China bolt enterprise industry concentration is not high, which seriously restricts the upgrading of China's bolts competitiveness. Over the years the market has not brought the core technology. In view of the above situation, the reorganization and strategic alliance between enterprises is the big trend. China bolt industry must comply with this trend and trend, strengthen the strategic cooperation between enterprises, improve the overall competitiveness of China bolts.China's growth in the core technology of the bolt lack of breakthrough. At the same time, the living space of low-grade products were packed more and more small, foreign enterprises through the localization of also have a considerable cost advantages, and has the technology and brand advantages, began to enter the original independent brand market space.