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Details on the use of the screw

If we want to use a screw, then the first thing we need to do is to understand the performance of the screw, is its characteristic. In this way, we can use the screw in the right place. Because there are a lot of screws, in which the performance of each screw is not the same, so that the screw has a different use. In order to avoid the use of screws, we must have a certain understanding of the performance of the screws, so that we can use the screws in the most correct place.First we try to understand the self tapping screws, self tapping screws for the diameter of 0.8mm to 12mm self tapping screws. For this kind of screws are generally with very high hardness, self tapping screws to after screw in the test, that is, the screw is screwed into a beta version of, and to test the hardness of the screw is consistent with the standards, if the sub standard requires analyzing a problem where? To find a solution.And a is to drill tail screw, as the name implies, is the general performance of the screw tail for drill tail shape, the hardness of the screw is also very strong, with an ordinary screw compared, only to maintain the ability to better, in the connection object the effect is also very strong, for the performance of screw, generally all is does not need auxiliary processing, can be directly above the object directly drill a hole Suojin objects, not only use very convenient, can greatly improve the working efficiency. This drill screw in all areas can be said to be the first choice for staff.From the above we can find that we use the screws for the performance of various screws is very important.Moisture proofing measures:Iron screw if wet, or by leaching liquid. In the case of or wet, and so, will likely to rust. So, in order to prevent the screw from rust, we have to protect the screws from moisture. So how to screw moisture and moisture treatment!Screw moisture and moisture method is as follows:(1) the vibration machinery as far as possible with solvent free paint.(2) the best choice of non oxidizing ingredients such as epoxy (Epoxy-urethane) or an unmodified epoxy (Epoxy-) - based varnish.(3), the use of trimeric cyanohydrin acid impregnating varnish, adjusting the curing temperature and curing time, curing temperature to slightly more than 130 DEG C (such as 135 DEG C) and the curing time is larger than 180 minutes is appropriate, and must be strictly implement process, especially in hot and humid season, rotary vibration sieve because from the point of view of the concept of rust, stipulated in the samples of paint plant paint drying (curing) time, not necessarily fully motor specific intrinsic shape.(4) a paint without volatile acid.(5) choose good hydrolytic paint.